Szekelyudvarhely training camp

Our players of the academy spent 3 days with Góbèk Teqball Team in Szèkelyudvarhely, where both teams developed their skills and gained experience from each other. The aim of the training camp was to strengthen the ties between the two clubs and improving.

They were training 3 hours twice a day. It was very tiring and long for the players, but they enjoyed themselves a lot, what we could see during every training because we all together were 8-8 members. Our players had the opportunity to play the famous duo, Szabolcs Ilyès and Zsolt Lázár.

The last days we closed the camp with a small doubles competition.


Group A:
A1: Ilyès-Lázár
A2: Horváth-Bajor
A3: Janicsek-Kota

Group B:
B1: Bányik-Blázsovics
B2: Apor- Schram
B3: Korcsogh- Balázsi

A1-A3: 20-4
A1-A2: 20-6
A2-A3: 20-15

B1-B3: 20-13
B1-B2: 20-15
B2-B3: 20-9

A1 (Ilyès-Lázár) – B2 (Apor- Schram): 20-9

A2 (Horváth-Bajor) – B1 (Bányik- Blázsovics) 5-20

Bronze match:
Korcsogh-Bajor vs Apor- Schram (0-2)

Bányik-Blázsovics vs Ilyès-Lázár (2-0) 20:15 20:17

During the bronze match our team, Korcsogh and Bajor lost against the young Apor-Schram duo. Unfortunately Horváth got injured.

On the final the Bányik-Blázsovics duo won against the Ilyès-Lázár duo. Both teams took part in the last teqball world cup.

This competition brought many skills and experience, and we would like to improve ourselves much more
in the future.

We would also like to thank Szabolcs Ilyés for his kindness and patience, and for all his time he spent with us showing his beautiful home town.

The event is finished.


Jul 11 - 13 2019


All Day

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